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Where we are
Villa Melograno Bed & Breakfast
Via Monte Adamello 51
25037 Pontoglio (BS) ITALY

  Phone:   +39 030737160
  Mobile:   +39 333 3552827
  Email:   informazioni@villamelograno.it
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How far is Villa Melograno from tourist attractions
  • Milan: 46 Mi, 1:00h
  • Brescia: 27 Mi, 0:40h
  • Iseo Lake: 15 Mi, 0:35h
  • Franciacorta: 8 Mi, 0:20h
Iseo Lake and the Franciacorta land
Villa Melograno is only twenty minutes from Franciacorta, a hilly land enclosing the Iseo Lake and renowned for its fine wines.
Villa Melograno Bed & Breakfast
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